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Oddbird Arts

For Immediate Release



‘Chickpeas!’ Volume 1 Debuts On Comixology

Oddbird Arts is pleased to announce the release of ‘Chickpeas!’ Volume 1 on Comixology. The thirty seven page collection of the adorable ‘Chickpeas!’ comic strip follows the adventures of Odd Bird and his friends in the park by the freeway and is available for purchase on the Comixology site and the Comixology app that is available for download on Google Play and iTunes.

Please take a look at

Oddbird Arts has been dedicated to producing quality entertainment for the family since 2009. They hang out at


Wire and Fish…

the_armatureThe wire armature for the kids short film is getting done today. The work is flowing smoothly and I’m sure that this will be done before the end of October. At least if I’m on schedule; I will be halfway there. More pictures of the sets and the puppet parts next week!

And I couldn’t forget…



My lunch for today. Take that Jane!





Heat Wave!

There’s a heat wave here at the old studio and I don’t have air conditioning. So i’m working on the clay animation in my boxers.

Here are some of my supplies:


The armature wire. Necessary in this hot weather. The clay is really soft!


Nuts and bolts for the feet. To hold it down onto the set. I’ll show more of this next week!


Epoxy to create the hard and non-movable parts of the puppet armature.

And finally…


A bowl of my current favorite cereal. That reminds me, I have to put this on the shopping list!

More about the animation project next week. Stay tuned!